From Scratch to “Real” Programming

schedule April 25, 2017, 6:53 a.m. local_offer

Hopefully not a great suprise to Computer Science educators but good to know that program like Scratch and Kodu are indeed useful later down the line for students' learning. The abstract of the study is below:

... We found that the programming knowledge and experience of students who had learned Scratch greatly facilitated learning the more advanced material in secondary school: less time was needed to learn new topics, there were fewer learning difficulties, and they achieved higher cognitive levels of understanding of most concepts (although at the end of the teaching process, there were no significant differences in achievements compared to students who had not studied Scratch). Furthermore, there was increased enrollment in CS classes, and students were observed to display higher levels of motivation and self-efficacy. This research justifies teaching CS in general and visual programming in particular in middle schools.

The full study

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